Litigation is a growing concern one that is often cost-prohibitive to both individuals and corporations alike.

Plaintiffs are faced with;

  • A complex legal system impossible to navigate
  • No budget or fee structure from solicitors
    expensive uncapped hourly rates
  • No certainty of timeframes or ultimate litigation costs
  • Experienced defendants with deep pockets
  • Unknown adverse cost order risks

Buttonwood litigation funding options include a range of different types of assistance specifically tailored to your situation to ensure you maximise your claim, mitigate your risk and receive the best possible legal representation;

  • Thorough due diligence
    an honest appraisal of quantum merits
  • Access to expert legal representation and litigation specialists
  • Case Managers to assist with tailored funding and legal liaison
  • Capped cost agreements and equitable settlement entitlements

Buttonwood operates across multiple jurisdictions and specialises in funding group or class actions. If you are seeking funding, contact us for an obligation free appraisal of your case.